Promoting the kind in humankind.

Coming soon, PEP will support up and coming filmmakers and artists who aspire to uplift hearts and minds, and promote the worldwide culture of peace. 

We will provide fiscal sponsorships, creative mentors, and a global media platform. 

When you make it big here, you make the world a better place.

In the build-up to our launch, we invite you to enjoy “Admissions,” the celebrated 20-minute short film that was the catalyst for and represents an example of peace entertainment that has successfully opened hearts and minds.

This transformational tale about the Middle East conflict and the power of forgiveness has won 26 international awards, been translated into Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, Farsi, and Italian, and broadcast to 80 million people worldwide.

It also helped launch, which is gathering ONE BILLION signatures for a UN Global Resolution that establishes peace departments in governments worldwide.

Peace Entertainment Project, Inc.

A California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation 501 (c)3

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